The Minister for Housing has said overnight water restrictions in the Dublin area appear to be working, but they are being kept under review so that more serious restrictions will not be needed coming into the autumn.

Eoghan Murphy said the country needs two to three weeks of heavy rain to ensure there will not be problems with water supplies in the autumn.

Restrictions across the country will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis but are likely to continue over the coming weeks, he said.

He added that he is mindful of the coming weekend and the effect on traders, so levels are being monitored in order to reduce any impact of business.

Earlier Irish Water said there was no increase in the levels of calls from the public to its customer helpline centre after the first night of the imposition of water pressure restrictions in the Dublin area.

The company said this suggests that the imposition of the overnight restrictions had gone as planned and had not impacted adversely on households and businesses.

Irish Water said this was the outcome it had been expecting and that its planning and preparations had aimed to achieve.

The company said it would wait until next week to analyse the impact of the overnight restrictions on water consumption in the Dublin area. 

It said that water usage could vary considerably on a daily basis in Dublin so it would not be possible to get an accurate estimate of the effect of the restrictions until a full week had passed.

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The Chief Executive of the Irish Restaurants Association Adrian Cummins said the water restrictions imposed in Dublin have so far not resulted in any significant problems for his members.

However, he said that while this is a good start it remains to be seen whether any issues will arise in the days ahead.

Mr Cummins said that the weekend is the critical period for restaurant owners in the city with business picking up sharply from Thursday night and with Friday and Saturday nights being especially busy.

Donal O'Keeffe, the Chief Executive of the Licenced Vintners Association - which represents publicans - said no serious problems arose for his members in the Dublin area last night.

However, Mr O'Keeffe has called on Irish Water to ensure there are no water pressure restrictions imposed during the peak weekend night time period.

Additional reporting Jennie O'Sullivan