Facebook users here will see a new educational notice on their news feeds from today, aimed at helping them to spot fake news.

The company said it wants to improve news literacy, particularly in the run up to the Eighth Amendment referendum in May.

The notice brings users to more information and advice on how to recognise if a piece of content is false.

These include checking the URL of the site, investigating the source of the news and seeking additional reports on the topic.

Recently the firm has been embroiled in controversy around the use of its platform to spread fake news.

The social network said the problem runs counter to its mission to connect users with the stories they find meaningful.

As a result, Facebook said its goal is to help people make more informed decisions when they encounter false news.

The advice was developed with the help of First Draft, a US based non-profit organisation that aims to increase skills and standards in reporting and sharing of information on the internet.

Similar notices have been appearing in national newspapers here in recent days.

Over the past two days, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg underwent 10 hours of questioning before US law makers over the recent data leak and fake news controversies, as well as other topics.