Below is a tool to help you find out how much your local TD has been paid in salary, expenses, and taxable allowances in the period between the general election in March 2011 and the end of July 2014. You can search by name, party and constituency and see how much was paid out to each politician in each of those years. The figures were provided by the Oireachtas and collated by the RTÉ Investigations Unit. The Taoiseach, Tanaiste and Ministers are paid an allowance and expenses by their own Departments and those figures are not included here; this should be remembered when comparing the amounts below, received by payment through the Oireachtas only. The Departmental salary and allowances range from €34,381 to €98,092 per year and can be found by clicking here. The RTÉ Investigations Unit is in the process of obtaining information on Departmental expense payments; when received, these will be included together with Departmental allowances in the database. Expenses can be repaid at the end of year if not spent and many public representatives choose to make repayments.

Click here to read the full Investigations Unit Report on how the expenses system actually works. This database will be updated as new information becomes available.