The prosecutor was taken hostage earlier today

Hostage-takers killed in Istanbul shootout

19.49 Two hostage-takers have been killed and an Istanbul prosecutor badly injured after a shootout at an Istanbul court building where he was taken hostage earlier today.

A gendarme watches a bulldozer clearing a path to the crash site near Seyne-les-Alpes

Lufthansa told of co-pilot depression in 2009

19.22 German airline Lufthansa has said that the co-pilot of the Germanwings jet that crashed killing all 150 people aboard had informed the airline in 2009 that he had previously suffered from severe depression.

The treatment has been described as 'transformative'

Hep C patients clear virus after new treatment

17.57 Around 80 patients with the Hepatitis C virus who were seriously ill with advanced liver disease, have cleared the virus from their blood after receiving new treatment under an early access programme introduced in December.

David O'Loughlin had pleaded not guilty

Man guilty of murder of homeless man in Cork

17.02 The family of Liam Manley, whose body was discovered in the refuse chute of an apartment block in Cork, said he should not have had to endure dying in such horrific and frightening circumstances.

Alex White said he had informed Cabinet of his intentions over free-to-air sporting events

News in Brief

19.50 A round-up of other news from Ireland and the world

Talks resume with a deadline for a framework on deal expiring tonight

US willing to work past Iran talks deadline

16.55 The United States is willing to continue working passed the tonight's midnight deadline to reach a preliminary nuclear deal with Iran and other powers if it appears that progress is being made, a senior State Department official said.