Research gathered by a free text service run by the HSE has found 90% of young people cover up their mental health when asked how they are feeling.

It shows that the majority of young people are not openly talking about their mental health, despite an increase in awareness.

Half of young people use the phrase "I’m grand" to shut down inquiries about their well-being, despite wanting or needing to talk about how they feel.

The survey of 1,803 people aged 16-34 found that 44% rarely or never talk about their mental health or well-being with friends and family.

The study found 47% say they are unlikely or very unlikely to reach out for support from others when they are feeling unhappy or stressed.

One in two respondents said they find it difficult to talk about how they feel even though they want to, while 68% said they would feel better if they had more opportunities to talk about how they are feeling with the people in their lives.

The 50808 text service is launching a campaign "to empower young people" with tips to #GetPastGrand and have more honest and open conversations about their mental health.