The number of female surgical trainees is on the rise, according to the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. 

Figures show that this year 40% of surgical trainees are female compared with 27% in 2017.

A group of around 30 new trainee surgeons are taking part in a surgical boot camp today, learning skills in a mock operating theatre, before moving to a hospital environment on Monday.

The RCSI clinical simulation mock theatre facility films procedures in 360 degree video and is the most advanced in Europe.

The doctors are a few years qualified but are beginning their training in surgery.

Some of the trainees told RTÉ News that the environment simulates a real life situation but it also offers doctors the opportunity to learn in a safe environment.

The trainees can then reflect on the things they did and what needs to be done better when they enter the real clinical environment.

The mock theatre is used not only to examine skills but also teamwork and communication with patients and their relatives.

An actor was used during today's training, who was playing the role of a patient's mother.