A locum registrar in obstetrics and gynaecology is facing allegations of poor professional performance over care provided to a woman in labour at the Midland Regional Hospital Mullingar in August 2014.

Dr Michael Osasere is facing allegations at the Medical Council inquiry that he attempted a forceps delivery in circumstances when he should have known it was inappropriate and had a high risk of failure.

It is also alleged that he attempted the forceps delivery on the labour ward, rather than in the theatre and failed to arrange immediate recourse to an operating theatre and that he failed to arrange a caesarean section with due expedition.

Baby Kevin was born on 16 August 2014 to patents Una and Kevin Kelly.

The inquiry has heard that baby Kevin was unresponsive at birth and was later diagnosed with hypoxia, a brain injury due to a lack of oxygen.

Baby Kevin was transferred to Holles Street Hospital in Dublin and lived for five days.

He died on 22 August 2014.

There are no allegations at the inquiry that any actions by Dr Osasere resulted in injury to baby Kevin, or resulted in his death.

David Leonard, barrister for Dr Osasere, said the attempt by his client to perform a delivery using forceps was not inappropriate and did not have a high risk of failure.

He said Dr Osasere was also entitled to expect that arrangements would have been made to allow Mrs Kelly be moved to theatre.

Mr Leonard said his client was not aware that baby Kevin's heart rate had undergone a prolonged period of deterioration, until he got to theatre.

He also said there were conflicts in the expert witness reports for the inquiry as to whether the actions or omissions by Dr Osasere amounted to poor professional performance.

Ms Kelly told the inquiry that she and her husband were expecting their first baby in 2014.

She said she was a qualified children's nurse.

Ms Kelly said she was admitted to the delivery unit at the Midland Regional Hospital Mullingar in the early hours of the morning of 16 August 2014.

She said she was never told there were any issues of concern, except that she was slow to progress in labour.

The inquiry has adjourned until tomorrow.