RTÉ News has confirmed that the last of the 2,466 unread X-rays at Cork University Hospital were checked yesterday.

It has also been confirmed that some of the 14 patients recalled may not be seen until late January.

The last of the 2,466 unread X-ray scans at Cork, due to a backlog over the summer, were only read yesterday, the Department of Health confirmed tonight, following a series of queries from RTÉ News.

The department also said that of the 14 patients recalled at the hospital, arising from the unread scans, all are due to have had their repeat scans completed by 23 January next.

But this is subject to the availability of the patients.

The hospital has said all of the 2,466 unread scans have been checked.

The check on the backlog began at Cork on Wednesday 29 November, just over three and a half weeks ago.

In the last 24 hours following several queries from RTÉ News, the hospital said that the check of scans started about four weeks ago and not over the summer, as the hospital originally stated.

It also clarified that it had sought funding from the HSE for the check six weeks ago.

"Cork University Hospital have advised that the scans were read between 29th November and 22nd December 2017 and that there is no further backlog of scans", the department said this evening.

Cork University Hospital told RTÉ News last Thursday that at that point, no cases of adverse outcomes had been found and that the 14 patients had been scheduled for follow-up.

The Department of Health said this evening that the hospital advises that no adverse outcomes "have been identified to date."

The outcome of the recheck on all 14 recalled patients will not be known until next month.