Polish authorities have seized more than three tonnes of cocaine with a street value of around three billion zlotys (€675 million) - a record haul for the country.

Police said that three men from the northern Polish region of Pomerania, aged from 64 to 71, have been arrested.

The drugs, hidden in barrels of frozen pineapple pulp, were found in a warehouse in the northern port city of Gdynia.

The haul had been transported by ship to Hamburg from Ecuador before travelling to Gdynia by road, police said.

"The value of the cocaine discovered was three billion zlotys and it could have been divided into one million doses," Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told a news conference.

"It could have been a powerful blow to the health of young people."

Latin American drug gangs have been sending big shipments of cocaine to Europe even as the coronavirus pandemic disrupts supply chains and confines users to their homes, anti-narcotics officials say.

In December Poland seized two tonnes of cocaine from Colombia worth around 2 billion zlotys (€450m).

On Sunday Dutch authorities said police had seized 2,020 kilos of cocaine, with an estimated value of over €151m in a shipment of bananas from Ecuador.