The UK President Designate of the COP26 Summit has told that an International Energy Agency conference that this must be the decade of delivery for climate change.

Alok Sharma said the current trajectory of emissions is setting the world for global heating of above 3C. 

This, he said, he will have catastrophic consequences for all of the countries represented at the IEA and will result in an apocalyptic future.

Speaking to the IEA COP26 Net Zero Summit he called on all governments, financial institutions and international agencies to work together.

The IEA's Chief Energy Modeller Laura Cozzi said to get net zero will require a transformation that has never been seen before. She said in cities electric vehicles, bike lanes and buses will keep the air clean.

US Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry, who joined the conference from Washington DC, said it is important that the major economies which account for most the emissions take action. He said in the US there was a famous bank robber, John Dillinger who was asked "Why do you rob banks" and replied "because that is where the money is". He said it is important in climate action to go where the emissions are.

Mr Kerry said that even if countries met all of their commitments under the Paris climate agreement, the world would heat by 3.7C and at the moment they are not and we are heading for over 4C.

He said "we know we have to do more, we all have to do a lot more" before adding "this is the greatest economic opportunity we've ever had".

He said all countries have to apply common sense and "we don't need discussions, we need to do what we need to do as countries".

He said if we do not do what we need to do in the next ten years, there will be nothing we can do to get on the right curve after 2030.

He said US President Joe Biden will later today announce several trillion dollars of investment to green the US Energy system.

He said the US is committed to providing the finance and the technology and working internationally with partners.

Speaking at the summit, Chinese Minister for Energy Zhang Jianhua said his country has reached the greatest renewable capacity and outlined progress made in wind and solar power and battery storage.

He said it will be an uphill struggle to meet China's climate commitments but it is determined to do so.

Mr Jianhua said China will move quickly in clean technologies and step up international cooperation.

He said the country stands ready to work with other countries to strengthen policy coordination and technological cooperation.

EU Commission Vice President Franz Timmerman told the IEA Net Zero Summit that their children will be at war over water and food unless the world acts now to limit global heating. He said there was also cause for optimism for what can be achieved if countries act together and that developing countries can leapfrog over some of the stages of economic development gone through by the developed world.