Inland Fisheries Ireland is appealing to anglers and others to report sightings of infected salmon fish struck by a rare disease that has emerged in stocks in the west of Ireland. 

Dr Paddy Gargan, senior research officer at Inland Fisheries Ireland, said 'red skin disease' has been recorded in the Corrib system in Galway and the River Leannan in Co Donegal. 

The disease shows as discolouration, bleeding and ulceration on the underbelly and near the mouth of the fish and is easily visible on infected stock. 

Dr Gargan said the disease can cause a fungal infection and death of wild Atlantic salmon stock, which are already fragile and endangered in Ireland.

The cause of the condition in not known but it was first seen in Europe in 2019. 

Dr Gargan said infected fish would be visible in pools, would be lethargic and showing the signs of discoloured skin. 

He asked anglers and others to report any sightings to Fisheries Ireland.