Irish wildlife volunteers are preparing for another busy "orphan season".

"Orphan season" takes place during the spring and summer months when young wild animals are venturing out for the first time. 

Young animals are more susceptible to accidents and injury during this period.

Last year, the Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit rescued more than 750 birds and animals during "orphan season".

Long time volunteer Aideen Holohan is rehabilitating two four-week-old fox cubs.

"We received a call three weeks ago about two orphaned fox cubs that had been found in a lane way. There was no sign of the vixen returning so we had no option but to take them into our care and hand rear them," she said.

It is hoped the two fox cubs will be returned to the wild in September.

"They are juveniles whose parents are unable to look after them for various reasons. We hand rear them, and 'wild them up', and return them to the wild as soon as possible as fully fit, independent creatures," Aideen said. 

Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit says people can get in touch with them if they see any animal in distress.