One of the groups that campaigned for a No Vote in the referendum on the Eighth Amendment has said there is no obligation on the Government to legislate for unrestricted abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Legal adviser to the LoveBoth campaign, Caroline Simons, said in light of the fact that one in three people voted against the proposal and that "many" of those who voted in favour articulated concerns about the 12 week aspect of the legislation, the Government needed to "look again" at this.

At their first press conference since the referendum result, LoveBoth also said they would not give up on "the cause of protecting unborn life".

Spokesperson Cora Sherlock said "pro-life" people were disappointed by the result but their focus now would be on lobbying politicians in this regard.

Professor William Binchy said he personally believed that protection for the unborn could be re-inserted into the Constitution.

He said he did not believe it could be done "tomorrow" but that when people reflect on what abortion is they would come to the conclusion that it was an "unattractive proposition".

Ms Simons also said the No side lost the referendum because their message did not get through.

She said this was down to the fact that some ideas were impenetrable "It seemed impossible to get past the idea that women died as a result of the Eighth Amendment, I don't believe that's true ... the evidence isn't there".

She said Savita Halappanavar's "face was brought out again" at the end of the campaign but there was "no finding by three independent inquiries that the Eighth Amendment had caused her death".

LoveBoth also called on the Government to adopt "eight principles" when drafting legislation for abortion.

Counselling services for crisis pregnancies, allowing conscientious objections by healthcare professionals, emergency care for women in the event of complications following terminations and preventing terminations on the basis of sex or disability are among their requests.

They also called for pain relief for the unborn where there is a risk that they would experience any pain, that healthcare professionals strive to preserve the lives of "babies born alive" following a termination, respectful disposal of foetal remains including banning their sale and the collection and publications of statistics of terminations.