Regulations have been loosened to make it easier for primary and post-primary teachers who qualified abroad to work here.

In a step taken to try and ease the current chronic teacher shortage, foreign-trained teachers will be eligible to complete a process known as 'induction' here.

All teachers must complete induction - a peer led school-based training process - before they can be deemed fully qualified to teach in Irish schools.

Announcing the relaxing of regulations, the Teaching Council said it was being done "to assist with teacher supply challenges in the context of the public health situation".

Similar action was taken during the pandemic.

The council said the move formed part of wider ongoing initiatives to alleviate teacher supply issues.

Teachers must apply no later than 1 February, 2024 to be eligible.

The council said the measure was particularly relevant for primary and post-primary teachers who have studied and qualified abroad and who may wish to return to the Irish education sector.

Chair of the Teaching Council, Michelle Keane said the move was "a welcome addition to ongoing measures designed to support our school communities and the teaching profession while ensuring that all necessary standards for teacher registration will continue to be observed".

Acting Director of the Teaching Council, Phil Fox said the council would be promoting awareness of the initiative among the profession at home and abroad.