Biology and English are the subjects that have attracted the largest number of appeals from students dissatisfied with the result they received under this year's calculated grades Leaving Certificate process.

More than 4,300 students have asked for a recheck of their Biology result, while almost 4,200 want their English grade examined. 

Maths, Irish, and Geography are the three next most appealed subjects this year, with 3,600 looking for a recheck of Maths results, and 3,400 unhappy with the grade they received in Irish.

Earlier this week, the Department of Education confirmed that 12,292 students had sought rechecks of their results, in respect of 33,677 grades. 

However, the scope of appeals this year is limited to checking whether errors might have been made in the transmission or processing of student data within the Department of Education. 

Students cannot appeal the mark their teacher gave them.

Students who are unhappy with their results have the option of sitting the Leaving Cert from 16 November. 

Details of this year’s exams have yet to be finalised.