Students at Dundalk Institute of Technology have expressed anger and disappointment at having to retake an examination.

Thirty-seven final year agriculture students had to resit the exam this morning, after it emerged the paper had been 'compromised'.

Dundalk IT has said it is investigating how the leak occurred and it will also carry out an extensive review of its examination procedures.

The students sat the first two hour farm management examination on May 14th.

The college said it became aware on Monday that a number of students had gained sight of the exam questions beforehand.

It then informed students on Wednesday that they would have to retake the test.

Head of the School of Health and Science Dr Edel Healy said this approach was deemed to be the most appropriate and fair course of action.

Students who were unable to re sit the exam today will be given an opportunity to do it in August.

Student Christopher Gavigan was among those who had to retake the test. He said whoever was involved should be penalised.

"It was a lot stress on us, we had to do more work for it. I hope we're told what happened and who's responsible. We all had to suffer" he said.

Michael Monaghan is also a final year Agriculture student. He said the students were shocked when the news was relayed to them on Wednesday.

"We thought we were finished Wednesday and we came out of the exam and were told we had to come back and re sit a whole new paper. The whole thing is just very disappointing for everyone and very stressful".

Katie McGrane said the students had plans made to celebrate the end of the college course and are disappointed by what has happened.

"We shouldn't be here, we should have been done Wednesday, it's put a dampener on the end of the degree, it's very disappointing".