Dublin City Council (DCC) has told councillors that it acquired 25 properties through the tenant-in-situ programme since January 2022.

In correspondence to councillors, it has also said that 192 further units are in the pipeline.

Of those, 83 are in the final closing or conveyancing stage of the sales process.

Dublin City Council told councillors, in correspondence seen by RTÉ's The Week in Politics programme, that it was issuing the correspondence following "negative commentary".

There has been criticism of local authorities over the relatively low number of properties acquired through the tenant-in-situ scheme in recent months.

Overall, DCC has received 322 enquiries regarding tenant-in-situ programme from landlords and tenants since January 2022.

The tenant-in-situ programme allows Local Authorities to purchase homes where a tenant, in receipt of Housing Assistance Payments or the Rental Accommodation Scheme, has been issued with a notice of termination.

Minister for Housing Darragh O'Brien has said that he wants 1,500 such homes purchased through the tenant-in-situ scheme this year.

Yesterday, figures from the Residential Tenancies Board showed 4,741 notices of termination were issued to tenants in quarter three last year.

Opposition parties have warned that it shows a significant increase in homeless figures is now likely when the temporary eviction moratorium runs out.

Dublin City Council says it has been receiving several calls a day from people inquiring about eligibility to remain in situ over the past few weeks.

In a statement, DCC explained that "similar to the purchase of any property, undertaking due diligence can be a lengthy process and, at a given time, the number of completed acquisitions represents only a fraction of purchases in progress".