A garda was involved in the rescue of a man from the River Liffey in Dublin last Friday.

Garda Sarah Lynam, from Store Street Garda Station, said that the man was non-responsive when she found him lying face down in the water.

After getting him out of the water, she performed CPR and the man responded.

Speaking to RTÉ's Today with Philip Boucher Hayes, Garda Lynam recalled the rescue: "It was a regular old Friday afternoon, or so I thought it was going to be, at 1.45pm in the afternoon, and unfortunately (we) got a call over the radio that there was a distressed male in the River Liffey."

She said that at this point she was near the GPO on O'Connell Street.

The call was then upgraded when the man entered the water.

"I started running from the GPO, got down as far as Bachelor's Walk, there were members of the public who were flagging me down and panicked, saying he can't swim and he had gone under the water and they reckoned he had gone under the boardwalk.

"(I) just had a quick look through the grooves and I could see that he was face down in the water and at that stage then I think the adrenaline and everything else kicked in and the utility belt came off, the stab vest came off and into the water to try see what I could do the best I could."

Garda Lynam is a strong swimmer and did previously swim competitively.

After entering the water, she was able to get the man to safety by taking hold of a safety rope that a colleague on the shore was also holding on to.

The other garda was able to pull the rope while Garda Lynam held on to the man and kept him afloat.

"I noticed his chest wasn't moving and there was foam in his mouth and that wasn't moving either, so straight away I was like 'oh my God he's not breathing' so the next port of call was CPR."

After two or three chest pumps the man became responsive.