Dublin City Council has apologised for a "misleading" statement issued about a cycleway on Griffith Avenue.

The council is currently putting cycleways on road space involving the removal of parking spaces and reducing the road to one lane each way for cars.

The council had stated recently that a previous feasibility report on cycling for a section of the road was "not approved" by local councillors on the North Central Area Committee when presented to them in October 2019.

However, in a statement issued on Tuesday evening the council admitted that this was not the case and the report had not actually been on the agenda of that meeting.

The issue was highlighted by Cycle Lane Action Group who oppose current for plans for a cycleway on Griffith Avenue from Malahide Road to Ballgall Road East.

They pointed out that this feasibility study by officials had not recommended a cycleway on safety grounds for the section between Drumcondra Road and Charlemont Estate because of the number of school children in the area.

In its response the council stated recently that the issue had been "superseded by events" and because funding has been made available and parking can be removed, the cycleway can be put on the road.

However, the council has now apologised for the misleading statement contained in that response that councillors had "not agreed" to the feasibility study.

The council said the report had been sent to all councillors but it had not been put forward to be accepted or rejected.

Local councillor Damian O'Farrell (Ind) welcomed the statement saying it is important that Dublin City Council is held to account for misinformation it puts into the public domain.

"Public bodies should lead the way as regards a fair and transparent public consultation but Dublin City Council can often fall short in that regard," he said.

The council is currently putting in cycleways along Griffith Avenue as a Covid-19 measure.