A Dublin TD who posted a video on social media saying it showed raw sewage in Dublin Bay has since said that he has been informed by Dublin City Council that the video does not show human waste.

Posting on Twitter Sinn Féin TD for Dublin Bay South Chris Andrews said that he met with the Dublin City Council Drainage Section and "They believe that the video shows no raw sewage."

Mr Andrews had earlier tweeted that "raw sewage" had been "released into Dublin Bay".

Dublin City Council has confirmed that a Pollution Control Inspector attended the scene at Sandymount beach and concluded that the substance "was not a pollutant".

A spokesperson for DCC said that there was "no danger to anyone swimming in the area".

In a statement Irish Water said there "have been no reported overflows in the public wastewater network in the Dublin area.

"We are continuing to monitor the situation and liaising with our Local Authority partners to ensure that all wastewater treatment plants and associated infrastructure are operating effectively."