A proposal for a developer to build 853 homes on public land is set to be voted down by Dublin city councillors.

Many councillors object to the construction of 50% private housing along with 30% social and 20% affordable purchase units on the state owned site at Oscar Traynor Rd, Coolock.

They want the city council to take over the development to ensure it is kept out of the private market.

Council planners stated in a report that the city council does not have the expertise for such a development adding that the council "is not a developer or a construction contractor".

They also warned that if this plan is voted down it will take around 5 years to draw up another one through the tendering process. 

However the Dublin Agreement parties that control the city council - Fianna Fáil, The Greens, Labour and Social Democrats  -  are opposed to the current deal for which Glenveagh Homes emerged as preferred bidder.

The Greens, Labour and Social Democrats want the council to take over the development while Fianna Fáil want a decision adjourned pending renegotiation of the price of affordable purchase homes.

Sinn Féin also wants the plan abandoned in favour of a state project while Fine Gael is the only party still in favour with the vote due to go ahead tomorrow night.

The report from council officials revealed that the price of affordable housing on the site would range from €230,000 for a one bed to €320,000 for a three-bed, with the prices including government grants.

Councillors originally voted in favour of the idea in 2017 as part of the Housing Land Initiative involving O'Devaney Gardens in the North City and St Michael's Estate, Inchicore as well as the Oscar Traynor site.

Last year councillors also threatened to vote down the O'Devaney Gardens deal until developer Bartra agreed to sell 30% for affordable rental reducing the private ratio to 20%. Bartra have since applied for permission to increase the overall number of units by 285 making a total of 1,053.

The St Michael's plan for 500 units which had not been as far progressed as the others was changed by the government to consist of 30% social and 70% affordable rental.