A MAN, who allegedly made Covid-19 spit threats to members of the public at St Stephen's Green in Dublin, has been ordered to obey the government's coronavirus restrictions or else go to jail.

Lance Shevlin, 31, with an address at Snugboro, Convent Lane, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14, was charged with a breach of the peace and being intoxicated in public at the green, criminal damage to motorbike at Kildare Place and violent behaviour at Pearse Street Garda Station, on Friday last.

He was brought before Dublin District Court where he faced an objection to bail.

Garda Laura Richardson told Judge Patricia McNamara the accused, "ran after members of the public and threatened to spit on them and said he had Covid-19".

She alleged that she and colleagues went to stop him but they were also threatened by the accused that he had the virus and would spit on them, too.

However, he did not spit, she clarified when questioned by the judge.

"I am innocent of this," Mr Shevlin told the court.

Judge McNamara told him she was directing him to abide by the government's directions.

Granting bail, she set conditions that Mr Shevlin must comply with social distancing and not leave his home unless for crucial shopping such as groceries or going to the chemist.

She told him that must be done before midday and from 6pm-7pm he can go out for exercise but remain within two kilometres of his home.

"He cannot venture out of his house, like a lot of citizens," she said.

The accused was also ordered to stay out of the Dublin 2 area.

The Director of Public Prosecutions may bring further charges and the judge warned Mr Shevlin that if he broke the conditions and social distance rules he would be arrested and "kept in custody".

His solicitor told the court that the accused was diagnosed with a mental health illness and has been prescribed medication.

The case was adjourned until a date in July.

Legal aid was granted after the court heard Mr Shevlin was on social welfare and of limited means.