Around 17% of Dublin's sea trade could be affected by the coronavirus pandemic according to the Dublin Port Company.

It a statement the company says it "fully expects" a fall-off when the next quarterly results are published.

It says that 17% of trade in the port is with deep sea destinations such as China, which are "exposed" to the impact of the virus.

"We know that we will see a reduction in volumes affecting this portion of our trade, but we cannot comment meaningfully on the impact until after the end of the first quarter".

However even with Brexit, trade at Dublin Port is still dominated by the movement of goods between Ireland and Britain accounting for more than 62% of the 1.5 million trade units handled last year.

The pandemic has not affected operations to date, it says, and there is no disruption to the supply chain.

There are already protocols in place which have dealt with previous global emergencies such as ebola, with incoming ships required to provide a medical declaration. 

It says the National Public Health Emergency Team is considering the issue of cruise ships but none are planned to dock at any Irish port until April.