Footage has emerged of the moment a woman was threatened at gunpoint during a robbery in the Liberties area of Dublin.

She was targeted at Long's Place at around 6pm yesterday evening.

An eyewitness said that a number of men were involved and one was holding what appeared to be a gun.

The eyewitness – Muhammed - told RTÉ's Liveline that he heard loud noises from outside and watched with horror from his kitchen window what was going on below.

"They were targeting this woman and they were just shouting at her. They wanted her purse and money.

"She was really panicked and she was screaming and I could see people were hiding behind the cars."

He said the gun was clearly visible and one of the men was pointing it towards the woman's face.

He said he rang gardaí and told them there was an armed man on the street.

Gardaí say they are investigating a robbery in which two men, armed with what is believed to be a gun, allegedly stole a phone from a pedestrian.

They say no one was injured during the incident.