Dublin's development plan should be changed so that cultural space is protected, according to city councillors.

A special meeting was called by a cross-party group following the closure of a number of artistic spaces and night-time venues.

Green Party Cllr Patrick Costello read out a list of places that have closed including the studios Steambox, Mart House and Monster Truck, Octoberfest, the Tivoli Theatre, the Hangar (formerly Andews Lane Theatre)  and The Bernard Shaw pub.

Councilors voted for changes to the development plan, the appointment of a night mayor and the encouragement of street art.

However a proposal to limit hotel development was amended after city planner John O'Hara said this could be open to legal challenge.

They voted instead to change the development plan so that commercial developments over 5,000 square metres would be required to carry out an audit so that there was no loss of cultural facilities.

A second motion was passed calling for council land to be made available for cultural use where feasible.