One hundred and forty residents of Hatch Hall Direct Provision Centre have been offered temporary accommodation in Dublin, according to the Department of Justice.

As of 9 June, there were 213 people, 41 of them children living in the centre in Dublin city.

Residents were informed by letter this week that the centre will close and they will have to vacate the premises by 15 July.

The Department of Justice has said that a number of factors are taken into consideration when assigning accommodation and every effort is being made to suit the needs of individuals and families.

It says 38 residents with status or permission to remain in Ireland are receiving support from DePaul Ireland, who are contracted by the Department to assist them in finding accommodation in the community. 

It's understood that Hatch Hall is being sold by East Coast Catering Ireland to Red Carnation Hotels, which owns a number of Hotels worldwide, including Ashford Castle in Co. Mayo.

A contract was in place between the owners East Coast Catering Ireland and the Department of Justice for Hatch Hall to continue as a direct provision centre until January 2020.

However, it's understood that the contract had a provision for either party to give three months' notice to terminate it.