New figures show crime in general fell during the first three months of the Covid-19 pandemic in Ireland but there was a rise in some categories.

Garda statistics released today show that reports of sexual offences and assaults fell during the period from the 1 March to 31 May as did theft and burglary.

However breaches of domestic violence orders were up by 10%.

In general reports of theft were down by 37% on the same period last year. The categories which saw the largest drops were theft from the person, down 62% and theft from shops, down 39%.

As many people have been staying at home reports of burglary were down by 44%, but reports of aggravated burglary were up by 28%.

Reports of fraud and related offences were down by 21%, but as people spend more time online, complaints of offences such as taking over online accounts, phishing and online fraud had increased by around 50%.

Reports of attempts or threats to murder and assault, harassment and related offences were down by 24% but resisting arrest by a garda increased by 25%.

Drug offences were up on the same time last year with possession with intent to supply seeing the biggest rise of 18%.

Possession of offensive weapons which were not firearms saw a year on year rise of 16% and explosives offences were up by 8%.

Public order offences were down by 13% but there was more than twice the number of public mischief, annoying phone calls and wasting police time incidents.