A woman has been found not guilty of the murder of her husband which was alleged to have happened at their home in Co Wexford over two years ago.

Sarah Doyle, 32, with an address at The Heath in Ramsgate Village, Gorey, denied murdering her husband, 33-year-old Philip Doyle, in the early hours of 26 January, 2020.

The trial heard that Philip Doyle was found by emergency services in the front garden of the couple's home with two stab wounds to his chest.

Both wounds were about 15-16 inches deep and one of them proved fatal.

Sarah and Philip Doyle had been married since the previous June and had two young sons together, while Mr Doyle also had a daughter.

His parents, Jackie and David, were staying with the couple over the weekend of January 25-26 2020, and Jackie and Sarah went out in Gorey on Saturday afternoon and evening.

Philip Doyle and his father were socialising separately and returned home.

Jackie Doyle returned to the house before Sarah, and the jury at the Central Criminal Court heard that she said "don't ask" or "don't ask, son" to Philip Doyle when she got home, in relation to anything that happened while she and Sarah were out.

There were several phone calls between Philip and Sarah and two texts from Philip: "where da f... are you" and "if you wake any of the kids you'll be sleeping in the front garden".

Patrick Gageby SC, for Sarah Doyle, said to the jury in his closing speech: "If Philip was in any way inclined to be jealous or possessive or suspicious or controlling of his wife or any of those things, would those words [from his mother] comfort or pacify him".

A number of neighbours told the court earlier this week that they had heard arguments between Philip and Sarah Doyle on different occasions.

One man who lived nearby said he had seen Mr Doyle give his wife "a slap on the head" one day when the couple were arguing; another neighbour said she saw Sarah Doyle with bruising twice, and another said she had seen Sarah with a bruise on her arm one day and, another day, with a black eye.

Two of the neighbours said they heard Sarah Doyle shouting about "self-defence" when Mr Doyle was lying stabbed in the front garden early on 26 January.

Sarah Doyle told gardaí that Philip had "dragged" her down the stairs by the hair when she returned home, trying to remove her from the house.

She also said that, upon her return, "he started punching me so I went upstairs and I punched her [Jackie] in her sleep".

Mr Gageby spoke in court about a "history of abuse" and said that "producing a knife was a last resort".

In his closing speech on Wednesday, Paul Green SC, prosecuting, said there was an argument which started upstairs and moved downstairs, before Sarah obtained a knife and used it.

It was "an unlawful killing perpetrated by Sarah Doyle that cannot be justified on the basis of a proportionate use of force," Mr Green said.

After initially retiring to start deliberating on Friday, the jury considered its verdict again today and members were told after over five hours of deliberating in total that they could return a majority verdict.

The verdict of not guilty was returned after 4.05pm today.