The trial of Karen Harrington, who is charged with the murder of two-year-old Santina Cawley in 2019, has been hearing from the garda who administered CPR to the little girl.

Ms Harrington, with an address at Lakelands Crescent, Mahon, in Cork, is on trial at the Central Criminal Court in Cork and has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Santina at her apartment at Elderwood Park in the city.

Sergeant Bryan Teahan was among the first of the emergency services to arrive at the Elderwood Park apartments on Cork's Boreenmanna Road just before 5.30am on 5 July 2019.

A licensed and registered emergency medical technician, he said he went to Ms Harrington's apartment and in the living room he saw Santina lying face up on a duvet.

He said she appeared to be dead and that her skin was grey and colourless.

Sergeant Teahan said Santina had no pulse, but her skin was still warm to the touch. She was not breathing. He said this information confirmed that Santina was either deceased or gravely ill.

He said he found Santina had a very faint, rapid heartbeat, adding that she had a bruise on her forehead and there was blood in her mouth and in between her teeth.

He said he moved Santina from the duvet onto the floor in order to began CPR. He said she was lifeless, completely unsupported by her skeletal structure.

Sergeant Teahan said he was joined by other members of the emergency services in performing CPR on Santina, before she was transferred by ambulance to Cork University Hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

Garda David Tobin earlier told the trial that he had responded to a number of calls to the Elderwood apartment complex in the early hours of 5 July 2019.

He said he arrived there at 4.49am after a call from a resident, Dylan Olney.

Mr Olney brought him to Karen Harrington's apartment, he said, and told him there was a female inside roaring and making a lot of noise.

He said the area was totally quiet, and that he knocked on the window a number of times but got no reply. He also tried the handle on the door, but it was locked. His colleague knocked on the door and looked in the letter box.

He said there was nothing that would arouse suspicion at that stage and he and his colleague left after five or 10 minutes, adding that he was dispatched to the same address at 5.18am and arrived there at 5.23am.

He said on entering Karen Harrington's apartment he saw Santina and from her appearance he believed she was dead. He said there was blood on the quilt she was lying on.

He said Santina looked like a child's doll, that her eyes were slightly open, her hands were lying by her side, her head was back and she was naked. He said there was a bruise on her forehead, a little bit of blood in her mouth and she was not breathing.

There was a lot of shouting and roaring from Michael Cawley, he said, adding that Mr Cawley said: "She killed my baby".

He said Mr Cawley was in a distraught state, and was like a man in total despair.

One of Karen Harrington's sisters, Michelle Harrington, told the trial of a conversation she had with Karen later on the day of 5 July.

She said she asked Karen what had happened and Karen told her she had woken up and she saw Santina with no clothes on and she was dead.

She said Karen was very upset and crying about Santina.

Another sister, Janice Harrington, said she was at the home of a friend, Yvonne Walsh, and Karen said she woke up and Michael Cawley had Santina in his arms and he said she was dead. She said Karen had said she took Santina from Michael for a few seconds before handing her back and running from the apartment to Yvonne Walsh's home at Cherry Lawn in Blackrock.

Ms Walsh told the court she knew Karen Harrington all her life.

She said at around 5.30am on the morning of 5 July, she was sitting on the wall of her house having a cigarette. It was bright, she said, adding that she thought she was seeing a ghost, but recognised it was Karen Harrington approaching.

She said Ms Harrington was distraught and distressed, had no shoes on and her feet were bleeding, and that Ms Harrington told her she thought there was something wrong with Santina.

She said Ms Harrington told her she didn't know what was after happening in her apartment, that there was something wrong. She said Karen Harrington said Mr Cawley said she had tried to suffocate his child.

Ms Walsh said Ms Harrington told her she had got a shock when Mr Cawley put Santina into his arms and said: "Karen, you smothered my child."

She said Santina felt lifeless and floppy and she put her back into Mr Cawley's arms.

Asked if Ms Harrington had said why she had run from the apartment, Ms Walsh replied that it was "fight or flight with her".

She said she brought Ms Harrington back to Elderwood Park in her car.

He said Mr Cawley approached and was "very forceful". She said Mr Cawley said: "Karen, what have you done to my child."

She said Karen Harrington was her baby sitter and she trusted her "completely".