A 35-year-old woman accused of sexually assaulting two children told gardaí after her arrest that people were being wrongly blamed.

The jury at the Central Criminal Court has been hearing further evidence in the trial of six adults who are charged with a range of alleged abuse offences against three children.

Those on trial include the parents, aunts and uncles of the children. The parents are also charged with neglecting five of their children. All charges are denied.

There are wide-ranging restrictions on what evidence can be reported to protect the welfare of the children.

The jury heard the woman - who is the children's aunt - was interviewed over two days in March 2018 during which she repeatedly denied ever assaulting the children or witnessing any assaults by any other person.

She described seeing one incident which did not involve any adult and said the children’s parents laughed at her when she made them aware of it. She said she was sorry she did not do something about it.

She also said the children would have witnessed "messing" between her husband and her mother during which her mother would be wearing a bra. Asked why this went on she said she did not know but had made it clear she was not comfortable with it.

The woman said she had never assaulted any child and would never do that to a child.

In subsequent interviews she asked "what is going to happen to me?" And then said she accepted the children were telling the truth. However, she clarified repeatedly that she had not done anything to the children.

Asked why she had said she accepted what they said, she replied that she would have to accept it but it was not the truth. She told gardaí :"There is something wrong somewhere. People are being blamed."

She also said: "I am getting blamed for stuff I haven't done."

Asked why would a young child blame her she replied: "I don’t know what goes on in children’s heads."

She accepted a suggestion from the gardaí that the children were little more than toddlers and could not have "picked it up themselves".

Asked if she agreed that the adults had a lot to answer for she replied: "Yeah." When gardaí said she was one of those adults she replied "Yeah" adding that she had never interfered with them.

She also said it was her opinion that something had happened but there were other (allegations) that were wrong.

Asked if she was sorry for what she had done she said she was sorry for what had happened but could not be sorry for something she had not done or seen.

The trial continues tomorrow.