The jury in the trial of seven people accused of the sexual abuse of three children has been listening to recorded interviews with an eight-year-old boy who described being raped and sexually abused by various family members.

Seven people including the parents, a grandmother and aunts and uncles between them face a total of 91 charges relating to three children. The charges include rape, sexual assault and sexual exploitation on dates between August 2014 and April 2016.

The parents also face charges of neglecting five of their children. All seven defendants deny the charges.

The interviews shown to the jury today were recorded in 2017 with specialist gardaí. The boy had been taken into care the previous year. He believed the abuse happened when he was around five and six years old.

Warning: some people may find details of the evidence in the remainder of this article distressing

In the interviews, he gave detailed descriptions of being raped by his father and two uncles on various, different occasions in his own home and in the home of relatives. He also described being "touched" by his mother and an aunt. He said his mother had touched his genitals with a stick and an uncle had touched him with a tea spoon.

He said a brother who was ten years old at the time would ask him to "do sex" with him as would his nine-year-old sister. He said his brother had learned about sex from watching "sex films" and his sister and another sibling had copied him. He said his sister played naked with her brothers and their parents were present at the time.

He listed a range of people who he said had touched his genitals at various times including young cousins and siblings as well as adult members of the family who are on trial. He said photographs had been taken of him "doing sex" with his brother and others.

He also said he had seen an uncle rape his sister and said she did not like it.

He also told about one uncle putting him in a dark shed where there were spiders and said it was scary. He said his uncle told him to go there where his cousin was waiting and he was told to "do sex" with her while his uncle watched.

He also remembered waking one Saturday morning to find an uncle raping him.

He said pictures were taken of him naked with his brother "so they could be put on Facebook".

He said his brother had shown him the pictures of him and his cousins naked which had been posted on Facebook.