A 49-year-old Limerick man who drove the gunman that shot a rival organised crime gang member in west Dublin nearly two years ago will be sentenced next month.

Alan Graham, of Davin Gardens, Cahirdavin, Limerick pleaded guilty to helping a criminal gang in its attempt to murder Lee Boylan at  Blakestown Road, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15, on 6 March 2019.

Mr Boylan was shot three times in the shoulder and neck as he sat in his van at a busy junction.

The Central Criminal Court heard today it was "a miraculous piece of medical luck" that the 24-year-old survived.

Detective Sergeant Shane McCartan said Mr Boylan would have bled to death if his carotid artery and jugular vein had not joined in an "arterio-venous fistula" and stopped the bleeding.

He said Mr Boylan is the father of a three-year-old boy and asked the garda in the ambulance on the way to hospital that day not to let him die.

His child was supposed to be with him that day, but had a fall and so was not there when Mr Boylan was attacked.

The detective told the court there was a "sophisticated stakeout" as part of the attempt on Mr Boylan's life involving several people, four cars, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

Mr Boylan was watched as he brought his car to a car wash in Blakestown after his dog got sick in it. Mr Boylan was shot and critically injured after he collected the car.

Graham drove the gunman 'Mr D' to the scene, burned out the BMW after and took a taxi to meet him in a pub in Finglas where they had a drink. They were seen on CCTV shaking hands.

Graham became friends with the gunman while serving a drugs sentence in prison.

The gunman drove to Limerick, brought him to Dublin for the shooting and let him stay with him in his mother's house in Ballymun.

'Mr D' was described in court as "the Mastermind, a dangerous figure".

The court was told that Graham became involved in the attempted murder because he had a drug debt. He was caught in 2010 with €750,000 worth of cocaine and €200,000 in cash and jailed for ten years.

However, the gang that lost the drugs and money, the court heard, held him responsible, he was under pressure and the windows of his home in Limerick had been broken.

Mr Boylan was shot, the court heard, because the rival organised crime gang believed he had been involved in the murder of a man in December 2018.

He spent five months in Connolly and Beaumont hospitals and in the National Rehabilitation Centre in Dún Laoghaire. However, he "quite suddenly" discharged himself from there in August 2019.

The three bullets could not be removed and remain in his body. He sustained life changing injuries during the gun attack.

Mr Boylan refused to cooperate with the garda investigation or make a victim impact statement, despite having been asked four times.

An Aquarius encrypted phone was seized from Graham when he was arrested in Limerick, the court heard, and he denied during garda interviews any involvement in the attempted murder.

Graham has 20 previous convictions, including one for selling stolen passports in Canada from where he was subsequently deported.

Mr Justice Michael White said he will sentence Graham on 12 March.