A man accused of the murder of a homeless man who was stabbed over 180 times was seen walking with the victim towards a football field in Tallaght on the night of the murder, a jury was told at the Central Criminal Court today.

20-year-old Philip Dunbar of Glenshane Drive, Tallaght, Dublin 24 has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Adam Muldoon at Butler Park in Jobstown Park, Tallaght on 22 June or 23 June, 2018.  

Prosecuting counsel read a statement from a woman named Deborah Fitzgerald in court today in which the witness said she noticed that Adam Muldoon, who had cerebral palsy, had left his Zimmer frame in Glenshane Green. 

She also said that he "looked ok", did not appear to be injured, walked willingly, seemed happy and not under any pressure. 

Another witness told the court that Philip Dunbar was friendly and caring towards Adam Muldoon. 

Paul Duggan testified that he never saw any problems between Philip and Adam. He described Adam as "one of those people" who is liked by everybody and said he was in shock following his death.

"I never knew this would happen," Mr Duggan said. "It's a shock to me and everybody else. None of us knew something like this would ever happen." 

He said he spent the day of 22 June, 2018 smoking weed with Philip, Adam and others while sitting on the wall of a house a few doors from his own home in Glenshane Green.  

He described Adam as a friend they would hang out with almost every day.  

"He was a homeless young fella. He never bothered anyone," he said. 

Adam, he said, was complaining of pains in his legs that day and had his Zimmer frame with him.

At around 10pm Paul Duggan ordered food and it arrived around 11.20pm. He brought the food home leaving just Adam and Philip together sitting on the wall.  

He said when he looked out his window later, possibly a little before midnight, he saw no sign of them but noticed the Zimmer frame was still where it had been earlier, beside the wall.  

Under cross-examination, Mr Duggan also said that Adam Muldoon was a friend and someone who the community would look after. They would buy him food, clothes, shoes and they treated him with respect.  

"Everybody liked him," he said. "He was just one of those people."

He agreed with defence counsel that the Philip Dunbar was friendly with Adam Muldoon, adding: "I never seen them having any problems."

He also agreed that Philip Dunbar was caring towards Adam Muldoon as he was towards a member of his own family who has a disability.

Sinead Duggan, Paul Duggan's sister also testified in court today. She said that she found out Adam Muldoon was dead the following day and a group of people gathered in her garden including Philip Dunbar.  

"People were in shock, she said, "and couldn't believe what had happened".

 She spoke to Philip who seemed quiet, which was not usual for him. 

 "He's normally loud," she said. "He likes to be noticed." 

The trial continues tomorrow in front of Mr Justice Paul McDermott and a jury of six men and six women.