The jury in the Tipperary murder trial has heard that a garda made a note relating to the disappearance of Bobby Ryan that Mary Lowry "had his head melted".

A senior investigating garda was giving evidence in the trial of Patrick Quirke of Breanshamore, Co Tipperary, who is accused of murdering Bobby Ryan, a part-time DJ known as Mr Moonlight.

Mr Quirke has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Mr Ryan at an unknown location on a date between 3 June 2011 and 30 April 2013.

Mr Ryan's body was found in a disused run-off tank at his girlfriend Ms Lowry's farm two years after he went missing.

The farm was being leased by Mr Quirke who had previously been in a relationship with Ms Lowry.

Chief Superintendent Dominic Hayes was been taken through his notebooks from 2011 to 2015.

He confirmed he had made that note in connection with Mr Ryan's disappearance, but could not say why he had made the note or if it had been a quote from another garda in the incident room.

The witness also said that his notes about clothing, jewellery and phone on the day Mr Ryan's body was found did not relate to items he believed to be missing.

He had earlier told the trial he did not believe Mr Ryan was naked when he first saw the body in the tank and was surprised to hear this after the post-mortem examination.

However, defence counsel Lorcan Staines said his notes suggested that the clothes were among the missing items. The witness disagreed and said these were items that "could be used" to identify a person.

Chief Supt Hayes also agreed his notes contained a reference to height and a bumper.

Asked why there would have been interest in the height of a bumper, he said he presumed it was in relation to the examination of vehicles in the farm yard.

Asked what he was discussing, Chief Supt Hayes replied: "I don't recall."