The Commercial Court has granted a €121 million judgment, sought by Irish Bank Resolution Corporation, against the wife of businessman Seán Quinn.

The judgment means that Patricia Quinn, who was adjudicated bankrupt in 2011, will no longer be involved in the action by members of her family, denying liability for more than €1 billion in loans made by the former Anglo Irish Bank to Quinn companies.

The Quinns' five adult children are continuing with that case which is due for hearing in March.

The judgment granted by the Commercial Court arises from a guarantee and indemnity provided by Mrs Quinn in October 2008, guaranteeing the repayment of a loan of just over €100 million provided to a Cypriot company.

The judgment application was not opposed by Mrs Quinn or the court official overseeing her bankruptcy and was granted by Mr Justice Robert Haughton earlier this week.

The loan to the Cypriot company was at issue in the family case against IBRC and Mrs Quinn's claim will not now proceed.

Separately the court also ordered that two men who are alleged to be directors and/or officers of companies based in the United Arab Emirates should be jailed for "serious" contempt, if they do not comply with orders intended to prevent alleged asset stripping from Quinn family companies.

The judge ordered them to comply within days. He also made orders for the sequestration of the property of the UAE companies.

Those orders were sought by IBRC in its proceedings against various Quinn family members and companies alleging a multi-million euro conspiracy to place assets in the family's international property group beyond the bank's reach. That action will be heard after the family's case.

In a sworn document, IBRC's special liquidator Kieran Wallace said the two individuals, Michael Waechter, a Swiss national and Willem Smit, a Dutch national - both believed to be based in the UAE - were in contempt over breaching disclosure orders made by the High Court in 2008 and 2012.

He said there was deliberate withholding of documents and information that must exist and ought to have been provided.

Mr Wallace said the alleged asset stripping scheme was unprecedented in its complexity and in the loss caused to IBRC.

The judge made orders for the committal to prison of Mr Waechter and Mr Smit but put a stay on the orders until 4 December to allow further time for compliance.

He also made orders for the sequestration of the assets of Mecon FZE, Yangtze Consulting LZE and Senat Legal Consulting FZ LLC.