A man has gone on trial for the murder of his mother at the family home in Montenotte, Cork, on 24 November 2015.

Paul Horgan, Murmont Avenue, Montenotte, Co Cork, appeared before Judge Pat McCarthy and a jury of nine men and three women at the Central Criminal Court, sitting in Cork.

The court heard Mr Horgan is charged with murdering his 60-year-old mother Marian at breakfast time in the family home.

Paul Horgan's father Bill told the court his son had suffered from attention deficit disorder while at school, but had never shown signs of violence before 24 November 2015.

Bill Horgan said he found his wife in the kitchen and she said "help me". He put his arms around her and she then fell.

He then said to his son "look what you have done". But he said his son just continued to smile at him and did not say a word.

He then described how he was struck on his head and fell to the floor. When he got up he began to leave the scene and his son was behind him with two knives.

Bill Horgan then hit one of the knives out of his son's hand.

The Horgans' neighbour Fergus O'Donoghue then saw what was happening and went to intervene. Bill Horgan told his neighbour "he has killed Marion".

Mr O'Donoghue then asked the accused what had he done to which Paul Horgan said: "I killed her."

The neighbour then had to wrestle Paul Horgan to the ground before some other men arrived at the scene.

Paul Horgan was arrested shortly after by Garda Mark Durcan.

The case continues on Tuesday.