Dublin Fianna Fáil activist Brian Mohan faces substantial legal costs over his failed challenge to the constitutionality of a law linking the State funding of political parties to meeting gender quota targets when selecting general election candidates. 

The Court of Appeal ruled that Mr Mohan must pay the costs of his unsuccessful appeal against a High Court decision that he did not have the necessary legal standing to bring the case.  

He had already been ordered to pay the High Court costs. 

Mr Mohan's lawyers had argued that he was a young student of politics, he had a genuine interest in the constitutionality of the law and the case raised issues of general public importance.

But lawyers for the State said there was no basis from departing from the normal rule that the losing party must pay the costs.

Appeal court president Mr Justice Sean Ryan said Mr Mohan's case had not left "first base" as he had not established he had standing to bring it.  

He ordered Mr Mohan to pay the costs but granted an application for a stay of 28 days to allow a Supreme Court to be considered.