A woman has been found guilty of staging her housemate's suicide in order to impede the prosecution of her boyfriend for the woman's death.

The man was never charged because he sustained a traumatic brain injury months later while fleeing after a car he had hijacked crashed.

He is currently living in a care facility, where he is spoon fed.

However, his 34-year-old former partner was on trial at the Central Criminal Court, charged with impeding his apprehension or prosecution, knowing or believing him to have murdered 49-year-old Antra Ozolina, or to have committed some other arrestable offence.

Egita Jaunmaize, of no fixed abode, admitted placing a blue cord around the Latvian woman's neck to simulate her suicide in order to make it more difficult to establish that her death was suspicious.

However, she pleaded not guilty to carrying out the offence, without reasonable excuse, at their home at The Old Post, Main Street, Kilnaleck, Co Cavan on or about 27 or 28 June 2014.

The mother-of-one told gardaí that she was in fear for her life and acting on her boyfriend's orders at the time, having just seen him strangle Ms Ozolina.

During the trial the court heard that the accused reported her housemate and colleague's apparent suicide to the authorities on 28 June.

Gardaí found the deceased in her bathroom with a blue rope around her neck. A bible and an almost empty vodka bottle were found nearby, and there were no immediate signs of a struggle.

The gardaí suspected suicide, as did the local pathologist, who carried out the coroner's autopsy.

However, the gardaí still carried out inquiries. The deceased was planning a month-long holiday in Latvia to visit her daughter, who described her as happy and healthy. Her friends said that she was not the type to take her own life.

A forensic pathologist was called in to carry out a second autopsy, which revealed blunt force trauma other than the neck compression that had killed her.

The accused first told gardaí that she had argued with the deceased the night before, but that she had been well when they had gone to bed and that there was nobody else in the house. She had found her housemate dead on waking that morning, she said.

She eventually told gardaí that her boyfriend had strangled her flatmate using his arm in front of her. She said she had tried to push him off his victim, but that he had punched her in the stomach.

She said he had grabbed her by the throat when she threatened to go to gardaí, and that she was afraid he would kill her too if she did so.

She said he had then asked her to put a rope around his victim's neck to make it look like suicide. She said she was "forced" to do it.

She said that she eventually agreed with the man's plan to tell gardaí that the victim had killed herself.

She kept to this line during a number of voluntary statements and in her first interview as a suspect, even suggesting that her housemate had given herself the other injuries found at autopsy.

The statements of other witnesses were then put to her, including one from a friend whom the deceased had rung that night to say she was in fear and was going to ring the gardaí.

The accused then agreed that she was under the duress of her boyfriend, whom she described as a "skinhead neo nazi".