A detective garda who showed two other gardaí a photograph of a man dressed as a woman at the Regency Hotel in Dublin two years ago has told the Special Criminal Court that neither garda named Patrick Hutch in front of the other.

The 25-year-old from Champions Avenue in Dublin denies the murder of David Byrne and possession of three AK-47 assault rifles at the hotel on 5 February 2016.

Detective Garda Michael Ryan said he first showed the image of two people on a computer screen at Ballymun Garda Station to Detective Garda Fergal O'Flaherty, who said he recognised the person on the left, but did not say who it was in the presence of the others.

Detective Sergeant Patrick O'Toole then invited Detective O'Flaherty to leave the room with him and Detective Garda Jonathan Brady viewed the image.

Detective Ryan said Detective Brady then told him that he recognised Patrick Hutch from Champions Avenue as the person on the left, dressed as a woman, and that they were the only two people in the room when he named him.

Detective Ryan also told the three judges that neither detective recognised the man on the right with a flat cap and a gun.

He was subsequently identified as Kevin Murray from Strabane, who died in August of last year.

Detective Garda Ryan also told the court that he was a mobile phone forensic examiner for the past ten years, but that in his 14 years in the force, this was the biggest case in which he had ever been involved.

He also said he had now been detailed to carry a gun.

Detective Garda Ryan denied a suggestion from Defence Counsel Michael O’Higgins that he was centre stage in that room as "one of four actors in this production".

He said he was "far from centre stage. I was a button pusher".