A 49-year-old man whom gardaí say was the main money launderer for the Kinahan crime gang in Ireland has been sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison.

David Dowling of Sorrel Heath, Clonsilla, in Dublin was caught with €169,000 in cash in September 2015.

He was targeted by the Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau and was caught picking up a package from a car during a meeting in a car park in Westend retail park.

The package contained €69,610 in cash.

During a follow up search at his family home, gardaí seized a further €99,020 and a vacuum packing machine, €6,000 concealed in a towel in the bag and another €85,020 was found behind a curtain in the house.

The money, the proceeds of drug dealing, was due to moved abroad.

Judge Martin Nolan said that Dowling was an "essential cog in a drug dealing enterprise" so that money could be moved out of the country.

The judge said that Dowling was helping those at the top of the pyramid by handling the profits of drug dealing.

"There is no point in having money if you can't move it where you want to move it," he said.