A serial offender who targeted pensioners in a string of burglaries held an 81-year-old man and his partner hostage, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court has heard.

Anthony Connors, 41, from Richmond Street in Dublin will be sentenced next month.

He has 48 previous convictions and has spent most of the past 25 years in jail.

Connors has received prison sentences totalling 144 years and has a history of targeting elderly people in their homes.

His oldest victim was 100 years old.

In May last year, he was allowed out on bail to attend a residential drug treatment programme.

A month later, he offended again, threatening an 81-year-old man and his partner with a jagged broom handle, holding them hostage in their home while demanding cash.

The ordeal lasted over an hour and he left with €170 and an electronic tablet containing irreplaceable art work. 

Before he left, his victim hit him with a battery pack in the head.

Connors was arrested the following day.

He pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary, false imprisonment and threats.

Defence lawyers said he was shocked and ashamed of his behaviour when he read the victim impact statements.

The couple said they suffered fear anger and frustration after the attack, had trouble sleeping and had nightmares.