The Department of Health has been notified of 3,633 further coronavirus cases.

There are 634 people with the virus in hospital, up 20 on yesterday. 119 patients are being treated in intensive care, an increase of five.

In a statement, the National Public Health Emergency Team says that there have been 43 newly notified deaths in the past week, bringing the number of notified Covid-related deaths in Ireland to 5,609.

Meanwhile, latest figures show that 449,246 booster, or extra doses of Covid-19 vaccine, were administered up to yesterday.

The breakdown is 389,706 booster jabs, plus 59,540 extra doses for people who are immunocompromised.

Booster vaccines are additional doses for people with waning immunity.

Extra or third doses are different and are for people who may not have got full benefit from the primary doses - one or two dose vaccines - mainly those who are immunosuppressed.

Ireland has a 14-day incidence rate of over 1,160 cases of Covid-19 for every 100,000 people, according to the Health Protection Surveillance Centre.

The highest rates are seen in counties Louth, Leitrim and Westmeath.

Of the 55,272 cases recorded in the last two weeks, the source of transmission was known in 21,505 cases.

It means that the source of transmission was not known in over 61% of Covid-19 cases.

Of the 55,272 cases - 640 or 1.16% were hospitalised.

There were 39 cases admitted to ICU, which is .07% of cases.

The data shows that 891 healthcare staff were infected, which represents 1.6% of the total recorded in the past two weeks.

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The number of Covid-19 outbreaks reduced last week by 19 to 151, compared with the previous week.

Outbreaks rose in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare settings. They reduced in schools and workplaces.

The number of hospital outbreaks was 29, up 20 on the previous week. There were eight outbreaks in nursing homes, up five on the previous week.

Outbreaks in schools fell by 18 to 16, while outbreaks in workplaces reduced by 18 to six.

The data from the HPSC covers the week up to last Saturday.

Meanwhile, there have been a further 12 deaths of patients who had previously tested positive for Covid-19 in Northern Ireland.

Another 1,848 positive cases of the virus were also notified by the Department of Health.

This morning there were 427 Covid-positive patients in hospital, with 33 in intensive care.