Last week, the Taoiseach announced plans to lift most of Ireland's Covid-19 restrictions in the next two months.

Here are the main changes taking place from Monday 6 September.


The numbers allowed at weddings will remain at 100. However, live music will be permitted and the legal restrictions on dancing will be removed.

Indoor events and businesses

Organised indoor events and mass gatherings will return.

Where everyone is vaccinated or 'immune' (either fully vaccinated or recovered within the previous six months), - or if under-18, accompanied by an adult - the capacity of a venue can reach 60%.

Where there are unvaccinated people attending an event, or the immunity status is mixed, the rules for these types of events will remain as they currently are for September.

For indoor live music, drama, live entertainment or sporting events, the audience should be fully seated, according to the guidelines.

The easing of the capacity limit does not apply to large, privately organised social events.

Cinemas and theatres

Similarly, cinemas and theatres will also have a 60% capacity limit when patrons are immune or if they are minors.

If immunity status is mixed, there will be no change to the current limits (of 50 people) in September.

Religious ceremonies

All religious ceremonies can go ahead with 50% of venue capacity, regardless of the immunity status of attendees.

Outdoor activities and events

Organised outdoor events and mass gatherings will go up to 75% of venue capacity, where all attendees are immune or accompanied minors.

Where patrons have mixed immunity status, the capacity will be 50% and subject to measures such as social distancing between groups and face masks.

Coach tours

In a boost for the tourism industry, the Government has also included a rule on coach tours, saying they can go ahead at 75% capacity.

Further easing

Further restrictions will be lifted on 20 September, including a phased and staggered return to the workplace. Restrictions on outdoor group activities for participants will also be removed.

Certain indoor group activities, such as sports, arts, culture, dance classes, can take place with capacity limits of 100 people once appropriate protective measures are in place.

All patrons must be either fully vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 within previous six months. Accompanied minors under the age of 18 will also be allowed.