The HSE has committed to improve the timing of confirmation notices to GPs in relation to order numbers and delivery dates for vaccine doses.

It accepted that 48 hours is not sufficient for clinics to appropriately plan.

The HSE, which was responding to concerns raised by GPs and the Irish Medical Organisation, said once confirmation of a delivery is received by a GP there will be no change to delivery dates or requirements.

It outlined a range of "enhanced arrangements" related to its GP vaccination programme, including an increased allocation of staff to the GP Vaccines Team.

Dedicated relationship managers have also been appointed along with the establishment of a regular communications bulletin for GPs.

The HSE said it is still on target to deliver the first doses of vaccines by the end of this week for the over-85's to more than 1,300 GP practices.

It said 542 GP practices have received a delivery of first doses and an increased number of practices have joined the centralised vaccination clinic at DCU in Dublin.

Delivery and order issues remain to be resolved for 23 GP clinics who have more than 200 patients over the age of 70.

GP practices with a very small number of patients over the age of 70 are asked to make arrangements with other GPs.

A total of 65 GP practices have not been able to make such "buddy-up" arrangements or avail of GP-led clinics, but the HSE said these clinics will receive vaccine deliveries next week.

GPs are asked to identify housebound and bedbound patients to be facilitated by the National Ambulance Service, who will administer the vaccine in the patients' homes.