Last week 2,178 students and staff underwent testing for Covid-19 at 115 schools around the country with 38 cases detected, which is 1.7% of all tested.

These latest figures from the Health Service Executive bring to 23,346 the total number of children and workers tested in 833 schools since early September.

It brings to 538 the total number of cases detected as a result of school testing. This is an overall positivity rate of 2.3%.

This schools' data does not include the 'index case', which is the previously identified case that would have given rise to the need to test close contacts in a school.  

In general, a total of 395 children tested positive for the coronavirus last week. 78 were under the age of four, 164 were aged between five and 12, and 153 were in the 13-18 year old category.

This is substantially lower than last week's figure, which saw 625 children test positive for the Covid-19.  

A total of 8,538 children have tested positive for the virus since schools reopened. Also last week 268 children and workers connected with 21 childcare facilities were tested, and eight cases were detected.

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