An agreement between the Health Service Executive and the Irish Medical Organisation to provide for free GP assessments and tests for Covid-19 has been extended for another week.

The deal, which also includes access on weekends through the out-of-hours services, will continue until at least next Friday, 21 August.

The HSE has said under the agreement, originally reached in March, a person who develops symptoms of the virus can get a GP assessment over the phone and a test for the virus free of charge.

It was extended in June to enable patients to access a referral, without charge, on Saturdays and Sundays through out-of-hours services.

The IMO said if a person is a potential Covid presentation, then "there is no charge to the patient for an assessment and test referral in relation to this matter in any GP setting".

Talks are continuing between the HSE and IMO on a range of issues around Covid-19 supports, including an extension of the current agreement.

It is expected the negotiations will conclude in the coming days.