Three Dublin hospitals have the largest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases - Beaumont Hospital with 132 patients, St James's with 95 and the Mater with 84 cases, according to new Health Service Executive figures obtained by RTÉ News.

There are  also 74 Covid-19 patients at St Vincent’s University Hospital, 58 at Connolly both in Dublin and 34 each, at Our Lady of Lourdes in Drogheda and Cavan General.

The report covers the period up to Wednesday afternoon.

Nationally, it lists 858 patients in hospitals with Covid-19, plus 476 patients regarded as suspected cases, who are waiting for test results.

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The hospitals with the largest number of patients waiting for test results are:

Limerick University Hospital - with 52 patients; St Vincent's University Hospital with 43; The Mater with 39 and Mayo University Hospital, which has 37 patients waiting.

The figures also shows that there  are 2,254 general beds vacant in public hospitals.

There are 133 vacant critical care beds in public hospitals and in some private hospitals listed.

Up to Wednesday, there were 146 confirmed Covid-19 patients in critical care units, plus 21 suspected cases in these units.

Most of the confirmed Covid-19 patients in critical care units, are in St James’s (19), Beaumont (16) and the Mater (15). 

There have now been 263 Covid-19 related deaths in the country, with 6,574 confirmed cases of the virus. 

Around 80% of cases of Covid-19 will be a mild to moderate illness, close to 14% have severe disease and around 6% are critical. 

Generally, you need to be 15 minutes or more in the vicinity of an infected person, within 1-2 metres, to be considered at-risk or a close contact.

But there are higher risk settings, where transmission is possible in a shorter time interval, where health staff are dealing directly with known or suspected cases in particular settings and may need personal protective equipment. 

Figures from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre based on 6,444 cases of the virus up until midnight Tuesday 7 April show more than 1,700 healthcare workers in Ireland have contracted Covid-19.

This means healthcare workers account for 27.4% of all cases of the coronavirus diagnosed in here so far.

Additional Reporting Laura Hogan