Over 219,400 employees have now received at least one payment under the Government's Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme (TWSS), according to new data released by Revenue.

As of today, more than 41,000 employers are registered for the TWSS, with over 26,200 of those having received a refund.

The scheme enables employees to receive State supports through their employers' payroll in circumstances where the employer is affected by the outbreak.

Of the employees who have received at least one TWSS payment 80% have also received a top-up payment from their employer, Revenue states.

The scheme has been operational for two weeks and the total amount paid out so far under it is €155 million.

Included in that figure is €14.8 million in tax and/or USC refunds that were made by employers to their employees through the payroll.

Revenue appealed to employers who are seeking payments from it under the scheme to check they had set up correct bank account details in the Revenue Online Service.

It said it has been unable to pay more than €2.7 million to approximately 570 employers for payments made by them under the scheme because the nominated bank account details have not been provided.