There are now 29 clusters of Covid-19 infections in the country's nursing homes.

New figures published by the Health Protection Surveillance Center show there are now 134 outbreaks or clusters of the virus, linked to 563 confirmed cases.

Nursing homes now account for 21% of these clusters. A cluster means at least three people.

There are also 24 clusters of infection in hospitals, nine in residential institutions and four in community hospitals or long-stay units.

The figures are based on 2,990 confirmed cases reported up until midnight on Monday 30 March.

The HPSC said 25% of all cases are healthcare workers, accounting for 752 cases. From this overall figure of 2,990, there have been 84 deaths and 126 admissions to intensive care units.

Of the 84 deaths reported up until Monday night, 75 of them were aged over 65. Six people with the virus from the 55-64 age category also died.

The figure also includes one person each from the 25/34, 35-44 and 45-54 age groups. The median age of those who have contracted the virus has risen to 48.

Around 80% of cases of Covid-19 will be a mild to moderate illness, close to 14% have severe disease and around 6% are critical.