Can you catch Covid-19 from your dog? Is there a treatment available? Am I okay to help my pregnant daughter once the baby comes?

Morning Ireland asked listeners to email their questions to and then assembled a panel of experts to answer them.

The panel comprised Dr Nuala O'Connor, Cork GP and the Irish College of General Practitioners' lead advisor on Covid-19, Professor Mary Horgan, President of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and Consultant in Infectious Diseases at CUH, and Kingston Mills, Professor of Experimental Immunology at Trinity College Dublin.

On the question of the dog, "Coronaviruses can infect animals," says Prof Mills, "in fact this is thought to be the origin of this current virus. It was thought to come from bats or from other species in the markets in China. But there's no evidence that this particular virus can infect dogs so you're unlikely to get it from your family pet."

Are there any drugs to treat Covid-19?

"We do not have a drug that specifically targets this virus and prevents it from replicating," says Prof Horgan. "It's really important that we do clinical trials because we need to make sure that any drug that looks like it's promising, firstly, that it's safe to use and, secondly, that it works. And the only way of doing that is by clinical trials."

What about if you do have Covid-19 and feel embarrassed about telling others you may have infected them?

"It's really important that nobody should be embarrassed about having tested positive for Covid-19, it can happen to anybody" says Prof Horgan. "It can happen to me as a doctor, it can happen to my mother and my sister. So don't be embarrassed."

One listener wanted to know if she could help her pregnant daughter once the baby was born.

Dr O'Connor says: "Newborn babies are a group that, apart at all from when Covid is around, we have to be very careful of, because they don't have robust immune systems yet."

But she says that, if somebody doesn't have any symptoms and they're feeling very well, then there's no problem helping with a newborn baby.

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